Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm FIXIN to go to the bookstore...

Why? Because;

Linda Grimes latest book - THE BIG FIX- is out today.

Need I say more?

(Oh - you do need me to say more. Well, that must mean you didn't read the first two books in the series or the prequel.
I say more about book one  - IN A FIX - here. Start with IN A FIX and you will become a Linda Grimes fan. Then you can seek out QUICK FIX, then THE BIG FIX, then the prequel - PRE-FIX. After that you won't need direction from me. You will automatically stalk  follow Linda like the fangirl you will become.

Linda is like chips or chocolate. You have one bite and you say - that was tasty or in her case funny -  give me more. To which Linda replies - "ask me nicely.")

Linda Grimes - making people shake heads and laugh out loud for 3 books and a prequel - so far.

Hope she keeps em coming.