Sunday, June 21, 2015

Re-reading books, visiting favorite characters in new stories, listening to new music, eating ice cream, numbers on the scale going downnn...

Just re-read 2 Jennifer Crusie's: Getting Rid of Bradley - still love it
                                                    Maybe This Time - still love it, too. North Archer - sigh...

Read The Wedding Guest by Sarah Wynde and loved the story of Akira and Zane's wedding, and the story within the story.

Florence and the Machine have a new cd out - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I downloaded the whole thing. My favorite song so far is What Kind of Man...

I have discovered something delicious - Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars. 100 calories, 5 grams of protein and yummy.

And, yes, the scale is still climbing down.

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Gift of Sarah

Sarah Wynde, that is. I am hosting her on my blog to talk about her short story featured in an anthology that comes out today, Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

We are all cordially invited to several weddings. One of the weddings is the marriage of 2 characters I love, Akira and Zane, heroine and hero of A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde which I gushed about here. I can't wait to read about their wedding.

Let's hear from Sarah:

Thanks for letting me visit, Judy! It’s a pleasure to be here, talking (or, you know, writing!)  about Magical Weddings: 15 Enchanting Romances, an anthology that includes my short story, The Wedding Guests.

When I was first invited to participate in the anthology, I knew right away that I wanted to write about the wedding of Akira and Zane, who are the main characters from my first book, A Gift of Ghosts. I don’t know why, except maybe that I’d been thinking about that wedding for a long time. Planning a wedding can be stressful. Planning a wedding when you’re pregnant, in a hurry, and marrying a guy who’s both enthusiastic and easygoing – well, it seemed like a potential recipe for disaster. On the other hand, the wedding takes place in Tassamara, which is a magical town where the unexpected can be unexpectedly right. Disasters and miracles, they can go hand-in-hand sometimes.

At the time I thought—optimistically, as always—that a short story couldn’t take me more than two weeks to write. After all, “short” is in the name, right? So I set to work… and almost immediately realized my mistake. Sure, the wedding would be fun, but where’s the romance in a couple that are already in their Happy Ever After staying Happy Ever After? I needed a story for my story, and it couldn’t belong to Akira and Zane.

My next mistake was, in retrospect, even more obvious. I wasn’t writing this story only for people who’d read my first book. I was writing it for anyone who picked up the anthology. That meant I couldn’t assume that the reader would know anything at all about my town or my characters. But at the same time, I wanted the story to delight the people who’d read my first three books. I wanted it to be a story that offered a little window into every happy ending I’d already written. I was writing fanfiction for my own stories, but at the same time, it had to work as a stand-alone.

Three months later, I sent my baby out into the world, wondering whether it was a disaster or a miracle. (Most likely, it’s somewhere in-between, just like the wedding itself.) And today’s the day that other people finally get the chance to check it out. It’s the last story in the anthology, so if you’re a linear reader, you’ll have to make it through approximately 1350 pages before you reach it. But if and when you do, I hope you find it magical!

MAGICAL WEDDINGS: 15 Enchanting Romances

Whether real or only in the hearts of the bride and groom, the magic of weddings is undeniable. And irresistible! As these 15 enchanting happily-ever-afters by bestselling and award-winning authors prove.

From sweet to spicy, the romances bundled into this set, 14 of them new releases, cross time and unite hearts, cast spells of laughter, battle wedding jitters and fight back tears, while weaving love’s hopeful magic throughout 1400 pages.

Her Wedding Wager by Leigh Michaels, National bestselling and Award-winning author of over 100 novels. Celia's doomed to an arranged marriage—unless she can win the most important bet of her life!

The Last Wedding at Drayhome (Breens Mist Witches) by Aileen Harkwood. Never underestimate the power of a witch and warlock in love who have nothing left to lose.

The Dress by Eve Devon. Two couples, 400 years apart. From a masquerade ball in Venice 1615 to a wedding in England 2015, can a dress laced with magic weave its spell through the fabric of time?

Second Chance Bride by Raine English, USA Today bestselling and Award-winning author. She thinks she's marrying the man of her dreams, until a telepathic rescue dog leads her to someone else... Will this bride-to-be say "I do" to the wrong man?

Two Hearts Surrendered by Tamara Ferguson, Bestselling and Award-winning author. Will two warring hearts be strong enough to survive the ultimate battle?
Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Lynda Haviland. She has a wedding to crash—until love gets in the way!

Heart of the Secret (Witches of Lane County) by Jody A. Kessler, Bestselling and Award-winning author. A 500 year-old curse, a witch who will do anything to marry her one true love, and the heart of a secret that will either divide them or bring them together…forever.

The Jealous Love of a Scoundrel by Jane Lark, National bestselling author. How do you fight a calling that comes from your soul?

A Wedding Across the Winds of Time by Bess McBride, National bestselling author. Darius and Molly found each other Across the Winds of Time. Now, it's time for their wedding!

Kiss This by L.L. Muir, National bestselling and Award-winning author. You never expect the florist to catch the bouquet…

Caution is a Virtue by Jennifer Gilby Roberts. How much is too much to risk for love?

Loving Lindy by Jan Romes. In order to become the bank's new Vice President, Gunther Justin has to be "settled." With Lindy McPherson posing as his fiancĂ© everything is set to go off without a hitch—until real feelings get in the way.

With this Kiss by Heather Thurmeier. Does a simple kiss have enough magic to reunite lovers?

Real Magic by Elsa Winckler. She's the bridesmaid, he's a best man. Will the magical evening stay just that or will it turn out to be real after all?

The Wedding Guests (A Tassamara Short Story) by Sarah Wynde. When unexpected guests attend Akira and Zane's wedding, lives will change forever. But for better or for worse?

Buy Links:
Available now at:Amazon

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sarah Wynde fans SAVE THE DATE:

When: Tuesday 6/15/15

Event: A blogpost coming with latest news from Tassamara.

Why: Sarah Wynde has sent Akira and Zane out into the world again - this time to get married.

Who: We are all invited to read about the short story Sarah Wynde wrote about the wedding!

Where: The blogpost will be here on this blog. Read it to find out where to find the short story.

Yikes,  a wedding! I've reduced my weight so much (down 101 lbs - thank you very much) I have nothing to wear.

Wonder how much it would cost to have this dress shipped overnight?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Trisha and Vivian

Confession time: I found 2 new cooking shows I like so much that they've made my DVR list:

Southern Trisha's Kitchen

A Chef's Life

Southern Trisha's Kitchen is Trisha Yearwood's show and I watch it for her wit and her warmth. But the food is good, too.

Today I made her sloppy joes. They were soooooo good! The only thing I added was a finely diced clove of garlic. I ate them with a fork, no bread. For side dishes I ate a couple of organic radishes, a couple of mushrooms and a few slices of carrot that I pickled a few weeks back.

Yummy meal.

A Chef's Life is the story of Vivian Howard and her husband Ben Knight, their twins and a whole host of other people.

Vivian and Ben moved to her small hometown in North Carolina and opened a restaurant called Chef and the Farmer. They co-own the restaurant with Vivian as head chef and Ben as general manager. They use and promote local produce and goods as part of their menu. An example would be the blueberry based barbecue sauce that Vivian created and is now bottling for sale.

I haven't attempted any of her recipes yet but I want to try this one: Date, pecan and bacon cheeseball with curried peach preserves.

I seriously look forward to coming home on Saturday night to Trisha's show and Wednesday night to Vivian's.

To all those people who say there's nothing good on television anymore I say - ya need to explore some new channels, y'all.