Friday, June 12, 2015

Trisha and Vivian

Confession time: I found 2 new cooking shows I like so much that they've made my DVR list:

Southern Trisha's Kitchen

A Chef's Life

Southern Trisha's Kitchen is Trisha Yearwood's show and I watch it for her wit and her warmth. But the food is good, too.

Today I made her sloppy joes. They were soooooo good! The only thing I added was a finely diced clove of garlic. I ate them with a fork, no bread. For side dishes I ate a couple of organic radishes, a couple of mushrooms and a few slices of carrot that I pickled a few weeks back.

Yummy meal.

A Chef's Life is the story of Vivian Howard and her husband Ben Knight, their twins and a whole host of other people.

Vivian and Ben moved to her small hometown in North Carolina and opened a restaurant called Chef and the Farmer. They co-own the restaurant with Vivian as head chef and Ben as general manager. They use and promote local produce and goods as part of their menu. An example would be the blueberry based barbecue sauce that Vivian created and is now bottling for sale.

I haven't attempted any of her recipes yet but I want to try this one: Date, pecan and bacon cheeseball with curried peach preserves.

I seriously look forward to coming home on Saturday night to Trisha's show and Wednesday night to Vivian's.

To all those people who say there's nothing good on television anymore I say - ya need to explore some new channels, y'all.

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