Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In search of the perfect summer meal

Anyone who reads my blog with any regularity knows that I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in October of 2014. A VSG is commonly known as WLS or weight loss surgery.

Since then I have reduced my weight by 106 pounds and the scale is still going down.

I am constantly trying to figure out the perfect meal to fit into my 1 to 1 1/2 cup capacity sleeved stomach.

Recently Sarah Wynde wrote a blogpost titled: The Unified Theory of Salads. This is her theory in a nutshell:

"And, at last, my theory of salads. The perfect meal salad (based on greens) should include one protein, at least two textures, and at least three distinct flavors. But not necessarily six ingredients, since some foods, like goat cheese, can be both a flavor and a texture. And more has potential too, of course. Our Key West salad had double sweet — both mango and strawberries — which just made it doubly delicious."
I've been pondering that and realized I could do that without the base of greens (too much volume in my stomach) and at the same time follow rules set out by Dr. Josh Axe designed to overcome sugar cravings. (Although my cravings are more carbohydrate than straight out sugar - the biggest craving being potato chips.)
Basically he says try and increase the following in your daily diet: fiber, protein, healthy fats and sour - sour being yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, lemon (yogurt and kefir having the added benefit of probiotics).

So what precisely could I combine for this? I think my version of Waldorf salad fits. I like to use chopped apples, chopped celery, walnuts and cubed cheese. If I made the dressing yogurt, I'd be all set.

For Dr Axe's rules - Protein: nuts and cheese. Fiber: Nuts, apples and celery. Healthy fats: nuts, cheese and yogurt. Sour: yogurt.

For Sarah's salad theory - Protein: nuts and cheese. Textures: apples, celery, nuts and cheese all have different textures. Flavors: all five ingredients have different flavors.

So there's one version of a meal that meets everything. I'm going to go in search of others.


  1. Mmm. And it sounds yummy, too! And I bet it's really satisfying.

    1. It is yummy and it definitely fills me up.

  2. Sauerkraut -- as long as its not pasteurized -- also has the probiotics and is highly recommended for people on my diet. For a while, I thought maybe sauerkraut alone would get me healthy (nope!) but I definitely notice that I feel better when I eat a bite or two of it daily. And that's all it takes, two bites.

    Meal ideas! Chicken (cold), grapes, yogurt dressing, radishes -- that's your protein, your two textures (grapes for the juice, radishes for crunch), your three tastes -- sweet, tangy, and kick with radishes. Or celery for the crunch if the radishes seem too weird for you. I'm going to try with with blueberries, too -- maybe chicken, blueberries, celery and yogurt dressing?

    My salad ingredient to try this week is roasted sweet potatoes. I think they're going to have a creamy sort of texture, like avocado or dressing.

    1. Chicken, grapes ,yogurt and radishes sounds good. I love organic radishes.
      I could see roasted sweet potatoes having a creamy texture.
      OOMM the possibilities.

  3. I like this Sarah Wynde thing. Will keep in mind.

  4. I ate that chicken grapes etc thing 3 days in a row during my last work stint. It was good. Going to have to come up with a new variation before I go back to work on Saturday.