Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reading steady on July 4th weekend

It's 4th of July weekend.

And Kristen Ashley has a new book out: Ride Steady (the third in her Chaos series which sprung from her book Motorcycle Man)

And I got a 20 pound box of tomatoes at the Farmers Market so, naturally, salsa making became my Fourth of July celebration.

Ride Steady is one of KA's books which take place in Denver. In Denver her characters go to a Mexican restaurant named Las Delicias and have salsa that is supposed to be the best. Ever. Anywhere.

I think my salsa would give it a run for it's money.

I have been listening for pops that mean my jars have sealed as I write this. 5 pops so far. 6 more jars to go.

That's right, I will have 11 yummy pints of salsa all my own. I say all my own because I also made 5 pints for my mom. They've sealed already.

My mom likes traditional, medium salsa made with Mrs Wages.

I like my own spice combination, mild, and Anaheim peppers that I roasted on the gas flame, plus bell peppers of many colors, garlic and cilantro. Onion powder instead of the onion for me.

Our jars of salsa are beautiful! Another pop. Yay!

I enjoyed quite some time looking at beautiful men on bikes to try to find Joker. On the top right of this is a pic of Chris Hemsworth on a motorcycle. Close but not completely right. He does have the fierce expression I picture but not the right looks. (Although there a'int nothing wrong with his looks, that's for sure!)

Anywho - I'm enjoying my holiday and loving Ride Steady (in love with Joker) and now I'm going to go and dig in to my little bowl of salsa that didn't fit in a jar and some chips.

And though I'm not drinking Sangria, I just may listen to the Blake Shelton song. I put it on my ipod and I've lost count of how many times I've listened to it so far.

Here is the youtube version for you, dear reader:

Hope you're feeling free and happy this independence weekend!

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