Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Come along with me

I am inviting anyone interested to join me in a group that has existed for a while now on

It is called the Lighten Up Club and we are following Julia Cameron's book The Writing Diet Write Yourself Right Size.

It is not about calling each other out on stuff. Rather it is about studying the book that teaches you to see your own stuff and move through it.

If you are not familiar with Cameron, she started with a book called The Artist's Way which helped artists unblock creativity. As their creativity came unblocked she often saw the side effect of their weight normalizing. That is why she wrote this book.

I will say upfront that I won't follow it 100%. The first tool is something called Morning Pages and there is no way I will get up and write 3 pages before I do anything. I am a very reluctant riser.

I commit to writing a paragraph as early in my day as possible that helps me "get current" with myself and to carrying my journal with me everywhere and writing when I can or when the urge hits me.

My weight loss surgery is still giving me portion control and less ghrelin production. It is starting to be harder to reduce my weight, though. I stepped on the scale this morning and I have reduced down to 265 from 374. Another pound and I will be down 110 pounds. The last 10 pounds have been very slow coming off.

I am determined to do whatever I need to in order to keep the numbers on the scale moving down until I am where I want them to be.

Sometimes we have NSV's or non-scale victories. Yesterday I had one. I climbed into the pool via the metal ladder at the deep end rather than the railed stairs in the shallow end. Next NSV of that sort will be climbing out by those stairs!

If you want to join the book just go on and make an account for yourself. It is free. It requires and amazon membership number (which is also free) because amazon sponsors it. Once a member of Shelfari find the Lighten Up Club and join.

I love that song come along with me so here is the youtube of it for your (and my) enjoyment:
Thank you Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo Green for such a beautiful song.

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