Monday, December 5, 2016

Wise words from the Cookie Monster...

"Today me will live in the moment - unless it is unpleasant - in which case me will eat a cookie!"

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Susan Sarandon...

You did not vote with your vagina. Well good for you. Your love of a media hogging sound byte helped put a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic bully in office. Hillary Clinton is certainly not the ideal person for president but the rest of us women who don't have a million dollars in the bank had to settle for voting for the person less likely to set our cause back 50 years.

So while you sit around with your big pile of money congratulating yourself for not voting with your vagina, we'll all take our 77cents that we make to the dollar our male counterparts make and hope against hope that the bully you helped put in office can't accomplish any of the things he wants to accomplish.

Meanwhile each and every time we have to hear his voice and the idiotic things that come out of his mouth, we'll remember - oh well; at least Susan Sarandon didn't vote with her vagina.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We won the popular vote

I am making it a goal  to find a new way everyday  to say - we won the popular vote.

We do not want a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic nation run by bullies.

The Electoral college has to go. One person - one vote. Anything else is bullshit.


To all my women friends, all my friends who are not white, all my gay and lesbian friends, all my foreign friends; I am so, so, so very sorry. Please know - I don't hate you, any of you, even though now I live in a country lead by a bully who does.

I am so devastated. So ashamed. So depressed. So despondent.

And to all the people who voted for this man, what you have done is monumentally wrong. He is not a financial genius. He is not even a smart man. He is a loud mouth bully who has no respect for anyone. He has a hair trigger temper and you have now given him access to nuclear weapons.

I say this in all sincerity - be afraid y'all. Be very afraid.

Four years. Four very long years.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Counting down the days...

If you are a citizen over 18 it is your right and your obligation - make a decision and do it!

Monday, October 31, 2016


No one does Halloween like

Nadia G

And whoever this is does Day of the Dead really well

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy belated birthday Nora Roberts aka J.D. Robb

October 10th was her birthday. Here is a kernel of wisdom on writing from here.

“Ideas are infinite – writers are hardwired to think that way. We keep it fresh by using new people, mixing character types and putting them in a different setting. It’s always the first book all over again, but one idea can be told a thousand different ways. There are 88 keys on the piano, but you can make an infinite amount of music from those keys.”
And lucky for us, she just keeps pounding those keys!

Happy Belated Birthday Nora!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The saga of the train ride

Recently I was lucky enough to visit my brother in San Diego. We had a lovely time.

While I was there my ex-husband-now-dear-friend was also in southern California. We decided to meet up for an afternoon. We had to fit the afternoon into his busy schedule of meetings so I decided to go to him; giving us the added opportunity for me to see his house here in the USA, (he currently lives and works in India); and to meet his children.

I decided instead of driving 3+ hours I would take the Pacific Surfliner (a special Amtrak train that goes up and down the southern California coastline making stops.

I got on at Oceanside, CA and got off 13 stops; 2+ hours later, in Moorpark, CA.

My friend picked me up and we had a most pleasant afternoon. We ate Mexican food. We visited his home and his children. We hung out at a charming Irish pub. He took me back to the train station.

I got back on the train. The train went through it's first Simi Valley stop with no problem. When we pulled into the second stop, Chatsworth, there were policemen with guns waiting to board the train. YIKES!

We were asked to leave the train and leave our luggage. I didn't have luggage. I just had a scrapbook which contained the short story referenced in this blogpost and all the work on my current wip novel.

The police were acting as if we would be back on the train shortly and I had a good seat so I decided to leave my sketchbook in my seat.

I can't even begin to tell you all the ridiculous details of the next four hours. There was an armed passenger barricaded in the bathroom and the police could not get him off.


We, the passengers, stood on concrete sidewalks for 4 hours. There was a grocery store about a quarter mile away but you had to cross a very busy 4 lane highway to get to it. Some of us did that just to go to the bathroom. Others were not physically able or were afraid of going too far away from their luggage.

My sketchbook is a loss but there were people with real luggage including necessary medication on the train.

4 hours later Amtrak sent a bus and some of us, me included, got on it to head for LA Union Station where Amtrak had a train waiting to take us home.

The bus got lost on the way to the station because the normal off ramp was closed. The bus driver had to pull over and a passenger had to google map directions for him. (Silly me, I would have assumed modern buses would be equipped with a GPS system.)

We got to the station and the bus dropped us off ACROSS THE STREET from it. Another busy 4 lane highway to cross. Once inside the station Amtrak had our waiting train at a gate that required another long, long walk.

I got to the train and sat down in a comfortable seat not far from a bathroom and breathed a sigh of relief.

The train did not leave the station for ANOTHER 1 AND 1/2 HOURS. I was supposed to arrive back in Oceanside at 9:20 PM on Friday. Instead it was 3:40 AM on Saturday.

People were enraged and for good reasons.

Amtrak should have emergency plans in place. Those tickets are not cheap and Amtrak wants people to consider them a reliable option for transport.

At all times there were no less than  30 people with guns at the scene and yet - even knowing there were people who needed medication - they could not be persuaded to go aboard the train and bring out everyone's luggage. The gunman was barricaded in the bathroom. They couldn't get him out. They had ample time and opportunity to make this much less of a tragedy for everyone and they refused to do so.

I read on the internet that they tear-gassed the gunman out 8 hours later. Why they waited 8 hours to employ teargas is a mystery to everyone who was there.

Here is a link to an article about the train evacuation.
Here is a link to an article about the police getting the gunman off the train.

There is a military term that adequately describes Amtraks response to the situation: FUBAR.
(Fucked up beyond all repair.)

Needless to say, Amtrak is no longer a travel option for me.

And I doubt I will ever see my sketchbook again.

Still - I'm alive and I didn't lose all my belonging or my medication so it could have been worse.

Joss Whedon knows best


Thursday, September 8, 2016

short story excerpt

This is an excerpt from a short story I recently finished. The short story involves 2 of the minor characters from my current wip.

When Eli’s cat, Neil Young, was alive, he could be found sleeping in a box in one of at least a dozen spots; some inside the house, some outside. The house had been Eli’s parent’s house before they died and left it to him and although Eli had been gone in the Army for some years, Neil had spent his whole ten years on that farm.

Neil would take trips to Audrey’s place to visit his companion, Cinnamon Girl. Though Eli and Audrey were estranged, Neil Young and Cinnamon Girl mated for life.

These visits usually lasted half a day or so but more than a few times the cats would linger too long at one house or the other and their humans would get uncomfortable. When that happened either Eli or Audrey would bring the wandering cat back to its owner.

If Audrey brought Neil home, Eli or his son Oz would hear the screen door open and close and go check. Neil would be purring on the porch and Audrey’s back would be disappearing down the drive.

If Eli needed to return Cinnamon Girl, he would actually go into Cosmic Flowers and hand her over to Audrey with the faint hope Audrey would forgive him at least enough to acknowledge him with a smile.

It didn’t happen in the ten years Neil Young was alive.

 Note – Audrey’s name is not cast in stone – it may change.)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

work. (actually) in. progress

There is a really good blogpost up over on Jenny Crusie's blog. I have been writing some lately on a story I'm liking so far. This blogpost inspired words to flow more freely over the past three days while I was off work from my day j.o.b.

I signed up to join Critique Circle but I am too tired at this point to function there. I will try to post something there tomorrow. Meanwhile here is a taste of Exposed; my current wip.

```JR (Jane Rose Bloomfield) looked up, startled, when a hand touched her arm. She was sitting in a back corner table in the Supernova Coffee and Tea Shop. There was a box of cut flowers on the floor beside her and tall clear vases in front of her; some filled with flower arrangements; some waiting to be filled. She had on headphones listening to Ivy, intent on her flower arranging, and didn’t hear anyone approach.
Her heart hitched a little when she looked up into the face of Asher Stowe. It infuriated her that he had that affect on her. She was immune to most men and why he was different was a mystery. He had beautiful blue soul-deep eyes, a full luscious mouth and a mop of almost black hair that made her fingers tingle with longing to run her hands through it*. She had met other gorgeous men, though, and they didn’t trip her heart so why him? She didn’t know why but she knew she didn’t like it.
*think Nick Weschler
“Hi Asher. Hi Mags.” Maggie Stowe was Asher’s sister and JR’s dear friend; which tended to make it difficult to avoid him completely. Mercifully he travelled more than he was home; if he even called Maggie’s home. Maggie owned the Hitchhiker’s Bed and Breakfast and Asher had a permanent room there and a dark room where he pursued some parts of his world-renowned photography.
“Ash,” the luscious mouth said, “call me Ash.”
“Are you arranging flowers for Hylda’s tables?” Maggie asked.
At the mention of her name Hylda, owner of Supernova, glanced over at them from behind the espresso machine she was currently working, and smiled.
“That’s the general idea,” JR said.
“Wow! Those are extraordinary,” Ash said, eyes on the flowers in the vases.
JR looked at the vases in front of her and groaned inwardly. The flowers, which were pretty to begin with, were almost glowing now. Even the un-arranged blooms in the box had taken on a slightly abnormal glow.
It was Ash’s presence, damn him. Her pulse raced and her body came fully alert when he was near. She hoped no one noticed that the flowers responded to her body’s energy by perking up as if reacting to some hidden, inner light.
She looked around and no one seemed to be aware. Her eyes hit Maggie. Uh oh. Maggie was grinning. Maggie knew about JR and flowers. And now Maggie also knew about JR’s attraction to her brother. Maggie was grinning; eyes twinkling; the overly romantic dingbat.```
 As I said, I'm liking this new world and it's characters so far. Just hope I can be happy there long enough to finish a book.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Recently I finished binge watching Revenge. It was compelling almost to the point of addiction. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched it to completion and plans to: the true Amanda marries Jack in the final episode.

There is a beautiful song playing as the wedding begins.

For You by Angus and Julia Stone

The thing is - the whole song sounds like longing to me. And longing is what I need for the scene I am writing. So,through the magic of itunes, I now have it on my ipod.

In real life, though, I am so glad I am beyond the longing years; at least the years spent longing for a man. I still experience longing in the sense that I long for my children and grandchildren and other family and friends to be happy, healthy, safe.

But that angst-y feeling of longing for a bond with someone appears to be in my rearview mirror and I can't think of a better place for it to be.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bad puns...

Dr. Frankenstein entered a bodybuilding competition and discovered he had seriously misunderstood the objective.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Question for writers:

Do you, or do you know anyone, who has experience writing with the dragon voice-to-text software? If so, did you like it? Was it user friendly? And if anyone specifically used or uses the Dragon Anywhere – did it run your cell phone data up a lot?

Thinking of going in that direction...

Friday, July 22, 2016

If anyone would know this Nora Roberts would...

"Ideas are infinite - writers are hardwired to think that way. We keep it fresh by using new people, mixing character types and putting them in a different setting. It's always the first book all over again, but one idea can be told a thousand different ways. There are 88 keys on the piano, but you can make an infinite amount of music from those keys."Nora Roberts
I want to remember this the next time it seems like there is nothing new to write about.

Editing this to add a link to an article about writers regrets that is really good.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The amazing Nora Roberts has a series written as J.D.Robb - the In Death series. I love that series. I have read all 40+ books and am looking forward to the new one that will come out in Feb, 2017.

I stumbled onto that series precursor - Night Tales.

It is okay. Not the caliber of In Death but okay.

And that gives me hope.

The amazing Nora wrote 5 books that lead her to Naked In Death - the first in that series.

She didn't just come up with the characters Eve Dallas and Roarke out of thin air, she honed them. With practice. And time spent writing.

There's hope for me (as a writer) yet.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's my birthday - I can laugh if I want to...

What a lovely day it's been.

I took off work. I can't remember the last time I had a Saturday off. Bliss.

I scored big at the farmers market.

I was at the lake this morning on a beautiful day.

I spent the afternoon watching some shows from the first season of Roswell on Netflix with one of my daughters.

My brothers called to wish me happy birthday.

Both my daughters, both of my grandkids, one of my son-in-laws and my mom had supper together. We had simple, easy sandwiches with sliced summer tomatoes and watermelon. My wish for a  donut cake was granted. Yum.

Then we went back to the lake for a little while.

We said goodbye.

My mom and I settled in to watch Last of the Summer Wine.

Now I'm sitting here giving the day away to readers. Hope your day was good, too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Grace and Frankie

I have recently done some binge watching of tv series on Netflix.

Watched the first 3 seasons of Longmire again so I could be refreshed and then watched season 4. Great show. Can't wait for season 5. Lou Diamond Phillips just gets sexier with aging.

My brother was visiting from California and he recommended Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original. I watched season 1 and 2 and was sad that I will have to wait for season 3. If you don't know it, here is the trailer for season 1:

While I am waiting for more of Tomlin / Fonda, I am watching Black Books - a British comedy that takes place in a bookstore and is very funny, so far.

Also watching Death In Paradise. I save those to watch with my mom, though.They are murder mysteries on a Carribean Island. Very good and the music is fabulous.

What y'all doing this summer?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

IMHO the right to bear arms...

I have immense respect for the people who formed our government. And I understand why they insisted on the right to bear arms.


When they were forming our government,  guns that could kill 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 people at a time without reloading - DID NOT EXIST.

We can still have the right to bear arms and not have the right to AK47's.

We can amend the right to bear arms so that only citizens who will use them responsibly are allowed to have them.

Gun control laws and the right to bear arms are not mutually exclusive. We can, and should, have both.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I refer you to:

This article. It is so ... uplifting to me who is 27 years past 30. It is the BEST response to a list written by a 20 something about things women shouldn't wear after 30.

Read it when you want to feel gggoooodddd!

Shout out to the blog: Warning Curves Ahead

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rebel to the end

I love the saying in this video*:


*this is not a new video and I may have shared it before

I am a rebel in this way - most of the time.

There are other ways in which I am a rebel. For example - I don't like to garden or even grow flowers. I said it. So there.

I like vegetables and herbs and fruits and flowers. But I selfishly prefer to pay for the efforts of someone else.

Fortunately in my little space in the world it's time for farmers markets. Those are some of my favorite places to go.

Right now I'm off to another place I like to go. During the summer months the local news station sponsors the SUPER SHREDDER. It comes around once a month to someplace local and you can take 50 lbs of stuff to shred. Since I can never seem to keep up with my shredding it makes me very happy.

Not exciting, I know - but off I go.

Hope you are having a good day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What am I doing and why? Does anybody know?

I recently changed my name back to the name on my birth certificate. Lots of red tape. Worth it.

I also decided to let go of the hotmail address I have had for 20 years. Microsoft and hotmail are just becoming too fraught with issues.

In moving all my baggage from that hotmail address to my gmail address I moved a bunch of stuff from 2 former novels in progress.

One is nearly finished.

One is significantly far along.

Both I had quietly concluded were crap and left behind.

Neither are really crap. In fact, both are viable novels.

So why did I move on to the current novel in progress which, although I like it, I am not working on in any real sense?

I. Don't. Know.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bye bye Castle

  • Loved the cast. Loved the characters. Loved the stories. Loved the finale. Going to miss them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One voter's frustration

I went to a Senator Sanders rally on Sunday. And I was so excited to vote for him in Kentucky's primary today.

Maybe you have a different bent politically. But I bet you can still empathize with my frustration today.

I went to vote and I could not. That's right - I did not get to vote.

I have moved around a lot in my life. A lot.

In 2001 I spent a brief 4 month period living in Kentucky, licensed to drive and registered to vote as "other" party. 911 happened, I was out of a job and I moved back to California where I had a job. I was licensed to drive and registered to vote in California in 2002 and 2003.

In 2003 I moved back to Kentucky and by 2004 I was licensed to drive here and registered to vote as a democrat. I have been here ever since then.

I read a speech by Barack Obama long before he ran for president. In 2008 I voted in the democratic primary for him. You have to be registered as a democrat to do that. Since then I have voted in more than one primary and general election.

So imagine my surprise today when I went to vote for Senator Sanders in the primary and could not. They had me registered again as "other" party.

When I went to voter registration to appeal all she had was that card from 2001 and her computer records only go back to 2010.

What the hell happened to the card I filled out in 2004 that allowed me to vote in democratic primaries until now?

People would rather believe I am lying or don't know what I'm doing rather than face the fact that there are real issues with the voting system in this country and those issues are making it hard or even impossible for people to vote.

Isn't it ironic that one reason I want to vote for Senator Sanders is because I believe he will do everything in his power to change the voting system in this country back to one person one vote with a much easier way of proving you are that one person.

Go Bernie. Sorry I could not help you today.

Whether you are for Bernie or someone else I hope you voted today. If you are a woman 96 years ago you couldn't vote. If you are not caucasion 146 years ago you couldn't vote. If you are me, you couldn't vote today.

You better believe I will be voting in November. Hope you will, too.