Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BOOKS; books; b00ks and more...b.o.o.k.s.

When Robena Grant asked me to read her latest, Bachelor Island, I wasn't sure what I was in for. This is Robena's first light contemporary romance. I did know I would probably be ready for light because of the book I was currently reading - more on that later.

As usual, Robena did the opposite of disappointing even though, for me, there were some obstacles in her path. First off, the book is set behind scenes of a reality tv show. With a few exceptions I hate reality tv shows. But I forgot that pretty quickly and got engrossed in her characters and her story.

Second, the male love interest is a cowboy. I know women fantasize about cowboys but they seem unreal to me. Could Robena write a cowboy I would believe and love? Why yes, she could. I love her Texas cowboy, Wyatt, and even really liked her Hawaiian cowboys, Buzz and TJ.

Her heroine, Corey, a disillusioned tv producer, is lovable, quirky and the perfect match for Wyatt.

All in all a very good book that I recommend for anyone looking for a light romance for whaterver reason.

It's due out Feb 12th and available for pre-order right now.
So what book had me knowing I'd be ready for a change to light contemporary romance- Kristen Ashley's fifth and last book in her Unfinished Heroes series, Sebring.

Ashley likes to bookend. Her first in this series was Knight. Nick Sebring is Knight's little brother and he is definitely unfinished. He is a raw, hard core alpha male. He meets his match in heroine, Olivia Shade.

Theirs is a happily-ever-after but it is not for those looking for light-hearted reading. Hard stories and hot sex in the way Ashley does best is what this book contains. When I write that last sentence I am amazed at how much I love KA. Whatever she writes.

It's out now.
Next up for me is a book by Jana Deleon that has been out since July 5, 2015, Malevolent. It is the first in her Shaye Archer series which I missed somehow. The second in the series, Sinister, came out 2 days ago.

If you aren't familiar with Deleon, based on reading and loving her Ghost-In-Law series, and her Miss Fortune series, and her stand alones, I am expecting a funny book with a strong, tight plot. Nothing is funnier than Fortune and the ladies of Sinful, Louisiana.

Look closely when you buy, though. For some reason amazon mixes the work of people writing fan fic about her characters amidst Deleons books and it can be confusing.
Do you know what I am looking so, so forward to? Deborah Blake's latest in her Baba Yaga series that I absolutely love, Wickedly Powerful, comes out Feb 2. JUST DAYS AWAY! Back into the world Deb has created and I am tingling with anticipation.

If you haven't read this series so far I suggest you buy the 3 book package and the novella Wickedly Ever After, out yesterday, which I will be reading next, next, and get reading so you are caught up when this one comes out. Although, frankly, Blake writes each one so well that you could read them stand alone or in any order, if, that is, you aren't ocd like me.
It is no secret to anyone reading this blog that I adore all things Jenny Crusie. She has not released anything new lately, much to my sorrow, but someone has put together The Jennifer Crusie Collection for kindle (probably other ereaders, too, but I don't know their details). An electronic collection of seven of her books, Tell Me Lies, Crazy For You, Welcome to Temptation, Fast Women, Faking It, Bet Me and Maybe This time.

Mind you I have all of these books in paperback, hardback, or both. I even am proud to say I have a signed hardback edition of Maybe This Time.

Still I pounced as soon as I saw the collection. Now I can take 7 Crusie books with me everywhere I go. In between my other reads, I just finished re-reading Fast Women and I fell in love with Nell and Gabe all over again.
Hopefully I've added to your books to be read lists. Mine is too many books to count.

A'int life grand?


  1. *blush* Thanks so much for all the kind words! I hope you like the novella and Wickedly Powerful.

  2. I hope they're going to put the Crusie collection on sale someday. $50+ for ebooks that I've already read and own is definitely out of my league, but I'd love to own the ebook versions someday!

  3. Unfortunately you may have missed the sale. When I bought mine it was twelve dollars. If I hear they are on sale again I will let you know.

  4. yes, please do let us know-- I was about to chime in and say the same thing. Great collection of books but I'm not going to pay more than $50 for books I already own. Some of them I already own two copies of.

  5. Thank you so very much for the shout out, Judy, and for taking the time to read my story. I'm glad you enjoyed Bachelor Island. It was definitely a fun one to write.

  6. Also, so sorry that my earlier comment disappeared. I realize now what I did wrong, and that is make it more difficult than it was meant to be. I think I tried to post it as a wordpress or something instead of just hitting publish. Maybe I'd had a glass of wine. ha ha.