Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In a Sarah Addison Allen mood...

Lately I have been in a mood - and not a good one; restless, cranky, unsettled. Kind of like the mood of the Waverly's before the apple tree blossoms.

The Waverly's are a family created in Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen Her last book, First Frost, goes back to visit them and they are all in a mood because the apple tree in the back yard is about to bloom for the winter - that's right the winter.

I am trying to get out of my mood by steeping myself in Sarah Addison Allen; having a re-reading binge. Garden Spells, Sugar Queen, Girl Who Chased the Moon, Peach Keeper, Lost Lake and First Frost.

It is helping. I decided to take some of my paid time off and have a break from work.

It is also inspiring me to write. I am so leary, though. Leary that I may be a little too inspired by her, although the characters are not unlike characters I envisioned long before I read SAA's first book.


Misty (Mystical) Tuber trails flower petals behind her when she is content and hints of the smell of a particularly stinky orchid (dead rotting mice) when she is not.

Ian Bellerose is a photographer who has done cookbooks and celebrity portraits and travel photography.

To dive in or not to dive in - that is the question.

Meanwhile - according to her website SAA is working on something new but no tba yet, unfortunately.

Big sigh.


  1. Dive in! There are no totally original ideas and if her work is inspiring you, you can take what you like and make it your own. And with any luck, your writing will give you a world to get lost in and enthused about and make your real world that much brighter.

    1. Good thought. Thanks for the response. The time off work is helping also.

  2. Oh please dive in! It sounds wonderful!