Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thought I had found a new one...

but she didn't make it in the long run.

Gabrielle Zevin - wrote The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry.

I really enjoyed the book because of the way Zevin wrote the characters. Of course, I was put off by the fact that she kills the main character in the end.

But for some reason I had hopes for her other books.

So I started off on the Anya Ballanchine series. Even though I don't like YA usually.

Let me tell ya, Anya Ballanchine's life is too dismal to overcome Zevin's writing.

Move over Lisa Lutz. There's a new girl in town who is incapable of writing happy endings or happy for now hopeful endings and likes to give her characters not one single soft place to land. Course Zevin doesn't do comedy.

And, it's too strong to say her endings are unhappy. She pulls it out in the last couple of paragraphs with some very passive aggressive wimpy kiss things.

I read the first half of the first Ballanchine book and then skipped to the ending cause I couldn't take any more. Wimpy kiss at the last minute.

Second and third book I didn't even read the book just the wimpy kiss endings. In the third and I hope final book she leaves you thinking there is hope they will end up together.

I had such high expectations, too. Part of the premise of the series is that chocolate and coffee have been outlawed and Ballanchine is the daughter of a dead mob-type boss chocolatier. How could a book like that go wrong?


  1. That is a great series premise! It sounds fun, but so wrong to end unhappily.

  2. I never understand making your readers fall in love with your characters then giving them a bad end. This is fiction. If I wanted bad ends I'd watch the 'news'.