Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1st and 2nd novel sentences

It's no secret Jenny Crusie is one of my favorite authors. Over on her blog she has been talking here about 1st sentences in her books. They are very inspiring. In fact, I read the first sentence for Maybe This Time again and couldn't put the book down again. Reread the whole book for the umpteenth time.

She inspired me to write a first sentence for my work in progress.

The last of the youtube video died away and Jane Rose Bloomfield picked up her laptop and hurled it across the room with all the might her rage-filled body could muster.

Then here Crusie talks about the first sentence leading to the second sentence. Again I followed her.

It crashed on the floor in a million pieces; the perfect symbol for her life now that the truth was out there floating around in cyber space waiting to ambush her at any moment.

It's a concept I really like. I'm wondering if I could carry it further by writing first sentences for the first point-of-view passages for several of my characters. I'm going to try that anyway because it somehow clarifies things.

Even if none of the sentences end up in the actual book.

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