Thursday, August 18, 2016

work. (actually) in. progress

There is a really good blogpost up over on Jenny Crusie's blog. I have been writing some lately on a story I'm liking so far. This blogpost inspired words to flow more freely over the past three days while I was off work from my day j.o.b.

I signed up to join Critique Circle but I am too tired at this point to function there. I will try to post something there tomorrow. Meanwhile here is a taste of Exposed; my current wip.

```JR (Jane Rose Bloomfield) looked up, startled, when a hand touched her arm. She was sitting in a back corner table in the Supernova Coffee and Tea Shop. There was a box of cut flowers on the floor beside her and tall clear vases in front of her; some filled with flower arrangements; some waiting to be filled. She had on headphones listening to Ivy, intent on her flower arranging, and didn’t hear anyone approach.
Her heart hitched a little when she looked up into the face of Asher Stowe. It infuriated her that he had that affect on her. She was immune to most men and why he was different was a mystery. He had beautiful blue soul-deep eyes, a full luscious mouth and a mop of almost black hair that made her fingers tingle with longing to run her hands through it*. She had met other gorgeous men, though, and they didn’t trip her heart so why him? She didn’t know why but she knew she didn’t like it.
*think Nick Weschler
“Hi Asher. Hi Mags.” Maggie Stowe was Asher’s sister and JR’s dear friend; which tended to make it difficult to avoid him completely. Mercifully he travelled more than he was home; if he even called Maggie’s home. Maggie owned the Hitchhiker’s Bed and Breakfast and Asher had a permanent room there and a dark room where he pursued some parts of his world-renowned photography.
“Ash,” the luscious mouth said, “call me Ash.”
“Are you arranging flowers for Hylda’s tables?” Maggie asked.
At the mention of her name Hylda, owner of Supernova, glanced over at them from behind the espresso machine she was currently working, and smiled.
“That’s the general idea,” JR said.
“Wow! Those are extraordinary,” Ash said, eyes on the flowers in the vases.
JR looked at the vases in front of her and groaned inwardly. The flowers, which were pretty to begin with, were almost glowing now. Even the un-arranged blooms in the box had taken on a slightly abnormal glow.
It was Ash’s presence, damn him. Her pulse raced and her body came fully alert when he was near. She hoped no one noticed that the flowers responded to her body’s energy by perking up as if reacting to some hidden, inner light.
She looked around and no one seemed to be aware. Her eyes hit Maggie. Uh oh. Maggie was grinning. Maggie knew about JR and flowers. And now Maggie also knew about JR’s attraction to her brother. Maggie was grinning; eyes twinkling; the overly romantic dingbat.```
 As I said, I'm liking this new world and it's characters so far. Just hope I can be happy there long enough to finish a book.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Recently I finished binge watching Revenge. It was compelling almost to the point of addiction. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched it to completion and plans to: the true Amanda marries Jack in the final episode.

There is a beautiful song playing as the wedding begins.

For You by Angus and Julia Stone

The thing is - the whole song sounds like longing to me. And longing is what I need for the scene I am writing. So,through the magic of itunes, I now have it on my ipod.

In real life, though, I am so glad I am beyond the longing years; at least the years spent longing for a man. I still experience longing in the sense that I long for my children and grandchildren and other family and friends to be happy, healthy, safe.

But that angst-y feeling of longing for a bond with someone appears to be in my rearview mirror and I can't think of a better place for it to be.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bad puns...

Dr. Frankenstein entered a bodybuilding competition and discovered he had seriously misunderstood the objective.