Thursday, September 8, 2016

short story excerpt

This is an excerpt from a short story I recently finished. The short story involves 2 of the minor characters from my current wip.

When Eli’s cat, Neil Young, was alive, he could be found sleeping in a box in one of at least a dozen spots; some inside the house, some outside. The house had been Eli’s parent’s house before they died and left it to him and although Eli had been gone in the Army for some years, Neil had spent his whole ten years on that farm.

Neil would take trips to Audrey’s place to visit his companion, Cinnamon Girl. Though Eli and Audrey were estranged, Neil Young and Cinnamon Girl mated for life.

These visits usually lasted half a day or so but more than a few times the cats would linger too long at one house or the other and their humans would get uncomfortable. When that happened either Eli or Audrey would bring the wandering cat back to its owner.

If Audrey brought Neil home, Eli or his son Oz would hear the screen door open and close and go check. Neil would be purring on the porch and Audrey’s back would be disappearing down the drive.

If Eli needed to return Cinnamon Girl, he would actually go into Cosmic Flowers and hand her over to Audrey with the faint hope Audrey would forgive him at least enough to acknowledge him with a smile.

It didn’t happen in the ten years Neil Young was alive.

 Note – Audrey’s name is not cast in stone – it may change.)


  1. Fun! Reminds me a little of Teresa Weir, although I think that's probably the cats -- I don't really remember her books except I know a couple of them had important cats!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. The cats are important but only in the short story - not in the longer novel/s. I haven't read anything by her. I'll have to check her out.