Sunday, January 8, 2017

A revival of sorts (though definitely not the religious sort)

Long, long ago I started this blogpost with the intentions of creating blogposts as kind of book reviews which pointed out truths that are found in fiction novels. I haven't done that kind of blogpost in a long time.

I found a book that has inspired me to do it again and for once I'm going to answer that inspiration, although slightly differently.

I find it hard these days to read long blogposts (with a couple of exceptions) so I intend to write a burst of short posts daily.

The book is The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel by Nina George.

It is a charming story full of delights and truths, sometimes in combination, with a happy ending.

First delight / truth combo:

"Yet that was only one part of what Perdu* listened out for and recorded: what was making the soul unhappy. Then there was the second part: what made the soul happy. Monsieur Perdu knew that the texture of the things a person loves rubs off on his or her language, too."
"Madame Bernard, the owner of number 27, transposed her love of fabric into houses and people; "Manners like a creased polyester shirt" was one of her favorite sayings." Nina George
I love the notion that what we love flavors how we speak. And look. The way I worded that; flavors. It's true. I do love food.

*Monsieur Jean Perdu is the lovable, flawed main character of the book

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