Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Little Paris Bookshop - day 3

Jean Perdu is the owner of a barge boat called The Literary Apothecary.

He purposes to cure peoples ailments with books. I love this idea. That I could go to the bookstore or library and they could ask me questions to determine what I need and then prescribe a book. Why can't this be real?

Jean asks Catherine* what she wanted to be when she was young and she tells him she wanted to be a librarian and a pirate.

"At night I would have stolen back from evil people everything they'd tricked the good ones out of with their lies, leaving a single book that would cleanse them and force them to repent, turn them into good people and so on--of course." Nina George

Does the world not need this right now, I ask you?

*Catherine becomes Jean's love interest.