Friday, March 31, 2017

(Re-reading vs Reading), (Watching vs Reading), (None of which is writing)

Re-reading vs reading:

Have you ever gone through long periods of time when you spent most of your reading time re-reading rather than reading?

Right now I have 2 books that are new by authors I love. I know I will love the books. But instead of reading them I am re-reading Kristen Ashley's Colorado mountain man series.

Don't get me wrong, I love Kristen Ashley but it's not as much about how great those books are as it is about how I just don't have the energy for new stimuli.

Watching vs Reading:

I can take new stimuli in small doses that I know will give me a finished story at the end and not leave me wanting to know what happens next.

So some of my reading time has been spent watching the Wallender series on Netflix. Good stories set in Sweden where I want to visit someday but definitely too dark a world to live in long enough to read the books.

(Bonus - I get to look at Kenneth Brannaugh for a couple of hours.)
(All this and a British accent - Yum)

And the new season of Grace and Frankie which lightens my load.

None of which is writing:

I'm not spending any time writing. It's frustrating. I never have the time to really wade in for a day and fully live in a fiction world of my own making.

I know many wonderful writers tell you not to do this - but I'm waiting for retirement.

But I need to be building my writing muscles. I need to commit to taking some time to write everyday. Maybe not even something significant. Just a page of fiction about something.

Gonna try to set myself a course to do that.

If any of it is worth reading - I'll post it here.


"I am restless.
Things are calling me away.
My hair is being pulled by the stars again."
Anais Nin

Thursday, March 9, 2017

good stuff and bad stuff

Bad Stuff:

Some idiot hacked me and sent out links to Rayban. Funny cause I don't even own sunglasses. One wonders why people take the time and trouble to do such things. I don't have time enough to do so many things in my life and yet some idiot has time to do this.

Anyway - I changed every password I have on everything now. So there, idiotic person.

Good stuff:

Walking a lot in prep for the Color Run 5k I plan to walk - slowly - to the finish line - in June - with my grandkids. Gonna be fun, y'all.

Bad yet good stuff:

Discovered how to make chocolate cake in a coffee cup in the microwave. Delicious but potential for abuse.

Other good stuff:

Loving 'cognitive consonance' and the thoughts I am drilling in to my mind.

My favorite will be bleeped here so I don't get picked up by idiots looking for the one word:

I look better and better n...d every day!!!


Bad stuff:

Well, you know - the president and stuff.

Let's end on good stuff:

At least 2 of the shows I like on Netflix are coming back this month:

Next season of Better Call Saul
Next season of Grace and Frankie.

Hope y'all are having more good stuff than bad stuff.