Thursday, March 9, 2017

good stuff and bad stuff

Bad Stuff:

Some idiot hacked me and sent out links to Rayban. Funny cause I don't even own sunglasses. One wonders why people take the time and trouble to do such things. I don't have time enough to do so many things in my life and yet some idiot has time to do this.

Anyway - I changed every password I have on everything now. So there, idiotic person.

Good stuff:

Walking a lot in prep for the Color Run 5k I plan to walk - slowly - to the finish line - in June - with my grandkids. Gonna be fun, y'all.

Bad yet good stuff:

Discovered how to make chocolate cake in a coffee cup in the microwave. Delicious but potential for abuse.

Other good stuff:

Loving 'cognitive consonance' and the thoughts I am drilling in to my mind.

My favorite will be bleeped here so I don't get picked up by idiots looking for the one word:

I look better and better n...d every day!!!


Bad stuff:

Well, you know - the president and stuff.

Let's end on good stuff:

At least 2 of the shows I like on Netflix are coming back this month:

Next season of Better Call Saul
Next season of Grace and Frankie.

Hope y'all are having more good stuff than bad stuff.

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