Friday, November 23, 2018

RSB checkin...BLT's...'Whatever it takes'


I ended my last post with the notion that my BLE will not feel legit if I am forced to eat more than 3 meals - even though Susan Pierce Thompson okays it if you have had weight loss surgery. I had sleeve surgery in 2014 and my stomach has not stretched out; usually a pro but a bit of a con when it comes to adhering to BLE.

Another principle of BLE is 'WHATEVER IT TAKES.'

It may take more than 3 meals a day for me.

When I looked for the other BLE plans I found a 5 meal plan (no 4 meal that I could find.)

I attempted to adhere to that today.

I have been off my BLE (except NO FLOUR NO SUGAR*) since 9/3 so almost 12 weeks.

I automatically did BLT'S (which is Susan's thing for taking bites, licks or tastes between meals). I was putting my fruit together and I ate a mandarin piece before I sat down to my meal. And my mom handed me smoked gouda to taste before purchase and I ate it without thought until after I had already swallowed.

James Clear Atomic Habits refers to something called Pointing and Calling. I am probably abusing it here - but I'm going to do it anyway.

Shortly after this I had a stressful emotional thing happen. And I ate emotionally the rest of the night. I am incapable of 'binge-ing' because of my stomach capacity. When I eat off plan - as I did the rest of this day - it involves eating things like tortilla chips and eating too many meals.

The day after this was Thanksgiving and I went in to the holiday (a 12 hour work day for me) with an undocumented plan to not be on BLE. I ate 5 very small meals. Each meal included a little bit of fruit. Some of the meals also included a small amount of mashed potato and green bean casserole - and / or a little bit of cheese ball with tortilla chips.

Today so far I have eaten twice. One meal was a breakfast of 2 sausage patties, a small amount of leftover mashed potatoes and some apple slices. Meal two was a very mini meal of 2 string cheese and some apple slices.

Break time will be cheese and apple slices.

Not sure after that.

In the category of 'whatever it takes' I need to commit. To something. Something healthy that will keep the scale moving down.

In the category of NSV (non scale victories) I am wearing a pair of purple pants that I love that I could not wear until I lost the last pounds!

*NO FLOUR NO SUGAR is now part of my identity - Susan Pierce Thompson and James Clear both talk about this kind of change.

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