Monday, March 25, 2019

So far so good

Still enjoying Florida.

There is someone who reads at the Pinellas Writers (of which I am now a member) and I like what s/he reads. It is science fiction.

Look for Almost Susan by Lilith Long.

I am just starting it. I like it so far.

All LL's stuff is free if you have Amazon Unlimited.

Almost Susan is 2.99 otherwise.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Florida living

I made the move to Florida. Specifically Tampa Bay area. Per my request my job transferred me here. I really like the job.

I also like Florida so far.

I connected with the Pinella's writers on my first day here. I have been to a class and a critique so far and they were both enjoyable and inspiring.

I don't think I have spoken here about my daughters health issues but they are in part the inspiration for my move. Waiting for her to decide for certain to move here with me.

What I am reading: began a re-read of the Corina Chapman series as I need some comfort.

What I am writing: I am also re-writing. I have a book almost finished with a poetry-slamming protagonist. Starting it over from the beginning as I left the file on a flash drive in Kentucky and it seemed a great opportunity to start fresh.

2nd project: story for the graphic novel Cubicle Rebel triology.

3rd project: memoir centering around this time and learning to support my gravely ill daughter.

It is Sunday and I have become an 8-5 Monday to Friday person so I need to get off here and go do laundry & clean house.

Went to Madeira Beach earlier today. Beautiful. Nuff said.