Saturday, April 6, 2019

Carol J Perry & the Witch City Mysteries

Eventful morning at the Pinellas Writers group today.

I read something! And got critqued! And lived to tell the story...

What I read is handwritten in a sketchbook. I will try to get in into a form where I can share it here.

Lots of good reads today.

And some good - fun - news:

Are you familiar with Carol J Perry? I was not. Now I am and I want to share her.

She writes a series called the Witch City Mysteries:

Caught Dead Handed

Tales You lose

Look Both Ways

Murder Go Round

Grave Errors

It Takes a Coven

Bells Spells & Murders

**** Final Exam****
Came out Feb 26, 2019

Late Checkout
Due out 9/24/2019

The fun thing is she will be signing books at a bookstore here in Florida next Saturday 4/13/2019 noon until 2PM @ the Gulf Beaches library 200 Municipal Drive, Madeira Beach.

I started reading Final Exam - out now - on amazon. Loved it. I don't want to buy it on amazon, though. I want to buy it from the bookstore for Carol to sign.

And we all know how obsessive I am about reading series books in order. So I did buy Caught Dead Handed for my kindle.

In other news I found a 'home' in Florida (as opposed to the 'room' I am currently renting). Looking forward to a kitchen and not sharing a bathroom.

Now off to Lowe's to look for flooring.

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